Eye Glasses, Contact Lenses, Specialty Wear

Salem Vision Center has a large selection of eyeglasses that can meet almost any budget, lifestyle, or fashion statement. Contact lenses come in a variety of forms such as, Multifocal, Astigmatism, Colors, and even costume/theatrical designs. We can certainly help obtain optimum vision without the use of all-day glasses use. If you are a sports enthusiast or require safety glasses, we have a variety of options to protect your eyes – their pretty cool too!


MiBo ThermoFlo

Delivers consistent emissive heat to the meibomian glandular apparatus. Inspissated lipid secretions are softened and mobilized through gentle ocular message. Liberated surfactants and improved lipid secretions create an enhanced tearfilm. Improved corneal wetting reduces or eliminates the signs and symptoms of ocular surface disease.


If you have always wanted 20/20 vision without permanent laser surgery, Orthokeratology is your answer. Ortho-k is the fitting of specially designed contact lenses that you wear overnight. Throughout the night the lenses gently reshape the front surface of your cornea which allows you to see clearly when you remove the lenses the next morning. The effects of ortho-k often last a day or two, possibly longer. And, because the corneal reshaping effect is temporary, there is little risk involved, and you can simply stop wearing the lenses at any time to go back to glasses or contacts. Learn more.